Interview 9:

Abhi diwedi

7/03/2015 : Lucknow – Panel III
Interview time : 15 min

Panel sitting in order : M1 F M2 M3 M4

Entered in room wished them
M2 asked some random 10-12 HR question related to abt my dad, me and 1 year gap and all
after that
M2 : What is bank ?
Me- Bank is a financial institution which work on two services, Intermediary services and liquidity services

M2 – Explain me both these services in detail.
Me – Explained very well

M2 – Ok now u are a banker and a person comes in bank and say to you break my FD of 2 lac whose maturity year is of 5 years and give me 1 lac but you have to convince him to take a loan of 1 lac with 1% more interest than FD interest means u have to convert our customer into borrower

Me – (( Ok took a 10 sec pause )) said (( considering him as a customer )) ok sir you can break your FD right now but that dont gonna give u positive result , I can suggest you a better plan that I have for u , u can take a loan of 1 lac now u must be thinking y i should pay more 1 % interest but sir u will get 1 lac Loan from bank and u can pay it in installments and if u have more money u can also go for prepayment option and ur FD saving will be also with you whose benefit u can get after 5 years with better returns

M2 – looked me like I have done miracle , said wah beta , then with that surprise face he looked F and M3 then said my ques over

F- Ok tell me two best points of Railway Budget ?
Me – Told well even she interrupted me and said M1 to ask (( ma’am was totally satisfied ))

M1 – Banking mein IT ka use btao ? ( aise btana jo tmhre acc sab na bta pate ho )
me – I mentioned Contact less cards , PoS , Kiosk and then back to same jo sab bolte hai

M1 – Internet banking ki steps btao ?
Me – I started telling him abt used id and password so he asked why its been used – for whch i replied for authentication and few more ques regarding that

M1 – Partial dependency btao ?
Me- Although pta tha but didnt told (( sab nhi btana chahye ))
M1 – Hub and switch difference ?
Me – Explained

M1 – Warehouse and cloud computing ?
me – both explained well

Now, M3 started asking
M3 -IRDA jante ho ?
Me – Yes
M3- full form btao phir
Me – In start i said institute but with a fumble of this told exact answer

M3- what it do ?
Me- regulate insurance sector

M3 – SEBI regulates ? Me – Capital market

M3- Commodity market regulated by ? Me – FMC

M3 – Do you knw any news abt SEBI and FMC that came in budget ?
Me – Yes sir , both gonna merged soon and explained same as it was said in Mr Jaitley’s speech

M3 to M4 want to ask anything
M4 – ab kya puche ise jane do

Thanked them when I was about to open door , Sir said “candidate kamal ka hai, budget ki inti deep knowledge”
and I was feeling satisfied Better than PO interview

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