Interview 21:

Post :IT Scale 1
Venue :Andhra Bank Saifabad
Score :106(OBC)
7 Members in the Panel
Only 4 of them asked.
M1: U have very good % in BTech (80) Then y Banking??
Me: I Prefer banking Sector Over IT sector. I hav Been preparing For Bank Exams.
M1: Is IT sector connected with banking?
Me: Yes Sir! Core Banking Solutions.
M1: What is that? How are they connected?
Me: said through INTERNET.
M1: Is it safe?
Me: By using proper firewalls we can keep a check on unauthorised attacks.
M1: what is a fire wall? Software or some hardware?
Me: Software i guess sir .
M2: What is V sat?
Me: Sorry Sir I Dont Know/
M2: What is MPLS?
Me: Sorry Sir I Dont Know.
M2: What is the metric used to measure the speed of INTERNET?
Me: Bandwith sir.
M2: It is measured in?
Me: Hertz sir [bang]
M2: KBPS and MBPS [shit]
M3: Do u hav a account?
Me: yes Sir.
M3 : Do u use interet banking facility??
Me :Yes sir.
M4: What is Fiscal Deficit?
Me: told him.
M4: What is the current fisacl deficit?
Me: Dont Know sir.
M4: Functions of RBI?
Me: Explaining monetary policy .notes circulation, CRR ..etc
M1 Stopped M4 and wished me all the best and said u can leave.

Explain the functioning of INTELLIGENT ATM.
HWAK (The Intelligent Auto Teller) – Intelligent Auto Teller Systems are a special breed of auto teller machines capable of thinking for themselves, which means they are fast, impose less demands on your banking systems and serve the customers more like a personal banker than less sophisticated auto teller systems. HWAK provides unsurpassed service without the benefit of a reliable communication network.

protocols used in core banking?

EBICS – Transmission Protocol
SEPA – Clearing Protocol
FIX – Communications Protocol
SWIFT – Network Protocol

Database ka overview in layman’s term?

Database is just a collection of related data in an organized manner which makes the retrieval of the data easier and more useful for any organization.

What is SSL? How it works?
What are Ping and Tracert?
What is cloud computing?

PING – Round trip time (( in common language to check whether a system is connected in network ))

Tracert – To check the route by which data is flowing

How ATM communicate with base branch and how atm fetch all the information of user account

Gaurav Singla Its National Financial Switch which interconnects all the ATM of different banks implemented and developed by IRDBT now handled by NPCI

Gaurav Singla IRDBT – Institute of research and development in banking technology. NPCI- National Payment corporation of India

Purshottam Gupta You can open your account in around 10 minutes using the ‘Account Opening Kiosk’, the smart interactive machines enabled to do all necessary works be it taking the photograph or scanning the documents. You can also get a Personalized ATM Debit card instantly using another machine. Remote expert advisers are always available to entertain the queries made by the customers regarding products such as mutual funds, Life Insurance etc. and instant loan facility is available for home and car loan.

guys , please suggest good points for question ……why bank after IT…..
Lot of growth opputunities. E governance. Job security. Post related to IT

How does an atm works?
How Does HTTPS Work?
What is a HTTPS certificate?
HTTPS Browsers
Why Is an SSL Certificate Required?
Benefits of Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure
What’s the difference between using proxy vs. VPN?
E commerce?
what is embedded system?
what are protocols used in core banking ?


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